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Recent student projects

Rens van de Biggelaar – Assessment of presence and activity of small mammals

Rens de Boer – Artificial light effects on winter moth reproduction

Ester Böhmer – What is the influence of artificial light on the behaviour and activity of mice inhabiting forest-like areas?

Lydia van Bruggen – The effect of artificial light on nestling diet and begging behaviour in great tits

Jasper Buijs – Effects of artificial light on body condition and activity patterns in great tits

Mathijs Courbois – Effect of green, white and red light on the soil fauna community

Laura van den Eertwegh – The relationship between artificial light and the timing of reproduction in cavity breeders

Mark Eugster – The effects of artificial night light and light colour on extra-pair behaviour in wild great tits

Kim Ferguson – Effect of artificial lighting on the emergence and return times of Pipistrellus pipistrellus

Thijs Fijen – Artificial light effects on feeding behaviour in moths

Lizanne Jeninga – A brighter view on the consequences of artificial night lighting

Willeke Klein – Effect of artificial light on Apodemus sylvaticus

Matthijs Kolpa – The effect of artificial night lighting on reproduction success in Mamestra brassicae Dechen Lham – Distance of attraction of moths to 6W actinic light trap

Koosje Lamers – Red light and faithfulness: unwilling females or overprotective males

Mark Oomens – Attraction of soil-dwelling fauna to artificial light

Thomas Raap – Effects of artificial light on bat activity and roosting

Jip Ramakers – Effects of light on bat commuting activity

Margot Sauter – Effects of wavelength and intensity of artificial light on growth and development of caterpillars

Helen Schepp – Does artificial light influence timing of egg laying and clutch size in great tits?

Ilse Scholten – The effect of artificial light and light spectrum on the lay date of great tits and European pied flycatchers

Marie Vrignaud – What is the most attractive moth light trap?

Rick Wessels – Artificial light effects on moth-parasitoid interactions